2021 $20 Silver 3oz. Black Proof Cook Islands Real Hereos - Firefighter Ultra High Relief

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Country: Cook Islands 

Year: 2021

Face Value: $20

Metal: Silver .999

Weight: 3 oz.

Size: 50 mm

Quality: Black Proof

Mintage: 911

Technique: Smartminting® (ultra high relief)

Features a stunning, realistic image of a Firefighter from the New York City Fire Department. The number 343 on the helmet honors the Firefighters that were loss that day in the Twin Towers. Thanks to the enhanced smartminting® technology the ultra high relief, partly polished honeycomb pattern and extremely detailed elements reaching to and even over the edge of the coin generate an unbelievable design. The visor that protects his eyes from the dangerous smoke and gases is a unique overlay that makes this coin even more special.

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