Updated Buy Back Offer

Nov 4th 2020

Gold Proof Coin we will now pay you mint price (approx $2575) + $2000

Silver Proof Coin - Mint Price $83 + $250 = We will pay you $333

On November 5, purchase an End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Silver Proof Coin, Gold Proof Coin or both and we will buy them from you at Mint price plus more.


1.) Set up an account on the United States Mint website prior to November 5. Add a credit card to your account. Make sure the credit card information in billing and shipping match.

2.) On November 5, 2020 login before 11:00am (CST) and be prepared to move quickly. THESE WILL SELL OUT FAST! Purchase one or both coins and if possible choose overnight shipping. There is a household order limit: 1 of each coin. Tip: If you want to try for both do separate orders.

3.) Inform us once you’ve received an email confirmation from the Mint and we will send you a prepaid shipping label to mail the coin to us.

4.) Keep the box closed when you receive it!

5.) Once the coin is in our hands we will pay you through pay-pal or Echeck.